Davie is one of the Uk's top barber's and is in demand for live shows and seminars. Davie is frequently asked to attend events to cut and educate live on stage across the UK and has also competed in barber competitions where he has achieved the following:


Davie is now Scottish ambassador for global company Wahl 

only select 8 barbers from uk have made this elite team 

Best Scottish Barbers runner up 2018 

Best Barber finalist 2018 Shaba Awards 

Commendation to barbering award at the Look Awards 2016.

Look Awards Best Scottish barbers 2017 

Hair & Beauty Awards winners 2017  Best Barbers 

International Barbers awards semi finalist winner glasgow 2017

international barber awards finalist Germany 2017

Scottish Barber of the year finalist 2015.

Wahl British Barber of the year finalist 2015

top 10 finalist 2015 U.K. Barber Battle

Scotlands only certified British Master Barber.

British Master Barber Ambassador for Scotland.

American Crew educater for Scotland.

Works with Wahls artist team on stage.

Davie also runs Outlaw Barber Collective & Best of British Barbering doing training events & education displays across the UK.

Davie is currently working with Wahl along side celebrity barber Simon Shaw.

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Barry has 10 years experience in the hair industry. Starting out in hairdressing and qualifying from McMillan academy he worked on both gents and ladies hair for three years before realising that his clientele was mainly made up of gents. After finding his niche in the hair world he went on to work on studying and progressing his skills in the gents market. He loves creative cuts and a challenge and has been on Outlaw workshops alongside Davie helping others with their skills while picking up more knowledge from the best barbers in the U.K.




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